Nature Channel

Nature Channel is Tom Denney (Help She Can’t Swim / Lonely Ghosts / Soft Arrows), Luke Hefson (Rooks / Not Katies) and Jim Morrison (Speak Galactic / Great Pagans).

Overcome by a need to make music far less subtle than that of their previous bands, they decided to crank up some amps, churn out some riffs and kick the crap out of some drums. Nature Channel was born. With a mutual love of Hot Snakes, The Bronx, Royal Headache and Bruce Springsteen the band create a clattering mix of ragged garage punk, rock & roll riffing and gnarled out noise with an ear for a pop hook. Nature Channel play their songs with an abandon that could be considered harsh and aggressive – if they weren’t so infused with the sense of fun that comes from three dudes having a ball and making some noise.