Tamu Massif didn’t come around in an instant. Originally writing his songs on guitar, Dave Dixon realised there was more to his music than the usual acoustic-rouse and began experimenting with sounds old and new. Thus, he created Tamu. Written, recorded and produced at his home in Weston-super-Mare before being mixed in Bristol with (Perfume Genius, YouthLagoon and PJ Harvey collaborator) Ali Chant, his new material is a mirage of thick vocals, reversed guitar and Logic-heavy inspiration. “I don’t have a set process,” explains Dixon. “Quite often I start with a riff on the piano or guitar and build up sections layering stuff. A lot of the sounds are sampled vocals and guitar lines which I’ve played around with – stretched and loaded with effects, etc.” Often starting songs and finishing them years later, you could say that Dixon has an unconventional writing style. “I’m always making notes of motifs and ideas and thoughts I find interesting,” he continues. “I enjoy abstract lyrics more than linear narratives. Or at least for there to be some degree of abstract and ambiguity in a linear narrative. I think it’s mostly due to the fact that rarely, if ever, are situations or feelings one dimensional.” Incorporating psychedelia, lo-fi indie, electronica and bedroom pop, Tamu Massif will get you on your feet as much as he’ll deliver you to a welcome slumber.